Bearing goes after a kid - Kid deletes YouTube channel

Bearing, a popular asshole anti-feminist douchebag on YouTube has a lovely message for a 13yo kid on YouTube:

The kid in question has since deleted their YouTube channel. A KID!And Bearing's justification for leaving this lovely comment?

Yes, that's right - A grown man can't take insults from a KID. He was so triggered by the comments of a child that he had to bully them off YouTube.

This behavior is disgusting. A kid said some shit about you, Bearing, and you can't simply ignore it? It's a KID! Kids say stupid shit all the time. You are supposed to be the ADULT here, Bearing. But apparently you have such a fragile ego that even a child saying things about you is too much for you to handle. How pathetic are you?

I have noticed a pattern when it comes to people like Bearing - They can dish out all kinds of shit to others, but the moment anyone dishes it back they can't handle it in the slightest. People like Bearing are some of the most delicate snowflakes I have ever seen, it's really astounding how easily triggered they are.

And with that said, I fully expect Bearing to be massively triggered by this blog post and rant and rave all over the place about me, and how I am a massive cunt, blah, blah, blah...

Yes Bearing, we know you are a special little snowflake. Now go put some cream on that butthurt.


Silas Lithian said…
If the little kid can't take counter criticism, he doesn't need to stick around. I saw their videos. Guess what- that kid would've been expelled from his school if it was to a peer.