Why Kraut and Tea, and people like him, get labeled as racist pieces of shit

Kraut is confused as to why anyone would consider him to be racist or call him a Neo-Nazi. I don't know why it is so hard for him to understand because, not only has he said things like:

as well as openly mocking Jews:

He has also surrounded himself with some of the shittiest racist people online.

Recently he has opened a Discord Server to the public on his Minds account:

Some of it is off-limits to "normies" like me, but from the parts of the server that are open for anyone to see, if they login, you can see shit like this:

Again, I don't understand why you, Kraut, don't get why people call you a racist, neo-Nazi, or a complete sack of shit.

It should be fairly obvious, Kraut. It's because saying racist shit, and surrounding yourself with hateful, racist, antisemitic, sacks of shit makes you a... Wait for it...


You're welcome.



Silas Lithian said…
Gotta love the cancer. These people are no different then your standard Manveer Heir- an actual racist. But he can't be- because according to your world's rules, people of color can't be racist right?

TWBB nice shitposting blog.