Troll Tears are so Sweet!

Twitter has been in the process of taking out the garbage on it's platform for a while, and today it announced new tools that will identify and remove "abusive content".

Naturally, this has many anti-feminists, trolls, and general pieces of shit quite upset, with many of them predictably screeching about "muh censorship", "muh free speech", yadda yadda...

Many of them have gone and signed up on new social media platforms like Minds and, similar to Twitter, but which were created by Muh Censorship Warriors (MCWs) in order to provide assholes who cannot control or conduct themselves like actual adults, a place to spew their vitriolic bullshit without limitation. Basically it's their own little safe space away from all the mean adults who don't find antisemitism, racism, or dogpiling for the KEKs, funny.

So if you are one of these MCWs, who constantly cry over censorship and free speech, ironically only when it affects you, then by all means, please go to those other platforms (safe spaces). The adults will not miss you. However, the real irony here is that you will be the ones who miss us "normies". Without people to troll, spew your vitriol at, or dogpile for the KEKs, it's not so much fun being on social media is it? Without the SJeWs, Feminazis, and Regressives to pick on, what ever will you do all day sitting in mommy's basement stewing in your absolute contempt for everyone not like you? For everyone who is not a loser?

The truth is, you NEED us. You need the "normies" to pick on in order to make your pathetic existence seem somehow validated. And without us in your new safe spaces, the only thing you will be left with is a giant circle jerk that will eventually turn into you eating your own for those KEKs you so desperately crave.

So, bon voyage! And don't let the door hit you on the way out.