Matt Forney's Advice For Abusing Women

If you don't know who Matt Forney is, here is a picture of the Alpha Male pick-up-artist in all his, um, glory:

Matt has written many detestable pieces for Return of Kings and his own blog over the years. Recently, one of my friends sent me a link to one of his blog posts that I had not yet seen. This one was written back in 2014 on his personal blog, which is now archived and probably why I missed it - not that I'm crying over having missed reading any of his disgusting mental diarrhea, but this one is probably one of the more disgusting one's I've read - and that's saying something.

The post in question is creatively titled:

Right away you can tell that this masterpiece is going to be right up there with great authors like Shakespeare and Euripides, who I hear also advocated for mentally abusing women because they were testosterone rich alpha-males. True story. But I digress...

Matt lays out the steps a *COUGH* man needs to take in order to control and dominate his property, I mean woman.

The first step is to:

Yes, that's right men - you should never praise your property (woman). Instead always shit all over her and gaslight her. And if she isn't doing anything wrong? Lie! Oh, and make sure you say really insulting things that won't make her get fat, because we all know a sad and depressed person never stops exercising or eats too much to cope with feeling like a sack of crap. Nope. Never.

If only you could hear me facepalm here...

Moving on to step number two:

Here we learn that men should violate their property (women) by not obtaining any consent, and by digitally raping or sexually assaulting them. You can also try some physical abuse, but not to much or you might kill her, so be careful guys!

Remember fellas, it's not her body anymore. That is now your property to do with as you please.

Is anyone else feeling nauseous? Let's have a little bunny with a backpack break shall we?

Ok, so, let's continue shall we?

Step number 3 is to:

Because nothing says "I am a man with a very small penis" more than employing mentally abusive cult-like indoctrination techniques on someone in order to prevent them from ever leaving you. This doesn't tell the world that you are an insecure shithead. No! Not at all. It clearly shows how alpha-male you really are. You go tiger!

Remember to treat your woman like a dog. Preferably like a dog that you kick all the time and then offer treats to at random intervals so she won't run away. What woman wouldn't love to be constantly abused and then given a rose from the local gas station every 3 months?

Number 5 on the list of things that should probably get you arrested:

That's right, beat your property (woman). Smack her so hard that she ends up a sobbing mess. Remember guys she likes it, even if it looks like she doesn't, because Matt Forney's friend said so. If that isn't proof enough that women like to be assaulted, I don't know what is.

And finally, number 6:

You must have good "cocksmanship". Not only is this an inspiring list of things to do to your property (woman), it's also where you learn new words that aren't actually words. Double win!

So fuck her with your micropenis for all of 2 minutes and hope you've debased her enough to hallucinate that it was any good. If she doesn't just refer back to the previous steps, where you can mentally and physically abuse her again, so that she will eventually lie to you and tell you that you are the best lay she ever had just to get your disgusting ass off her.

So there you have it folks. Words of shit... I mean wisdom... from alpha-male extraordinaire, Matt Forney. I'm sure this glimpse into the mind of Matt has been just as eye opening and vomit inducing for you as it was for me.

I'm going to go have a long hot shower now... 😱


Mr WoolyBee said…
I'm sure it's every woman's fantasy to have sex with an underendowed pillow thief. those are pillows he's stealing, right?