Jeff Holiday Doesn't Understand How Words Work

Actually Jeff, the pic about Sargon being a "disability" was not to mock disabled people, but to point out his, and his followers, blatant hypocrisy, which it did.

And if you want to be technical, stupidity, ignorance, and idiocy could be argued to be a "disability" as the inability to think rationally or logically is a mental limitation, which is, by definition, a disability. But you'd get that if you understood how words actually worked, which you don't.

I have never said that people can't say what they want. If you want to use the term "autistic screeching" to insult someone, have at it. It doesn't mean I, or anyone else, has to like it. And that's the point of free speech. You can say what ever shit you want, and no one is obliged to like it or accept it.

And here's the main point, and difference that you and your ilk don't seem to get - When you, and others like you, use the term "autistic screeching" you are singling out a very specific group of people. That group is the one that suffers from low functioning non-verbal autism. You are not just insulting your target, you are insulting a group of specific people. You are taking that group and making them the butt of a joke. That is the difference Jeff.

But again, I doubt you're bright enough to get any of this. Plus you really don't give a shit about anyone who suffers from a disability do you? This is just you "virtue signaling" since you're perfectly fine with using the "autistic screeching" insult when it suits you. Where's your feigned offense when all these people tweet you with that insult directed at others? Oh, ya... Nowhere.

Stay hypocritical dude!