Creepy Bearing Fan ElMexicanNazi

If you don't know the whole story, you can find my blog post on it here, and here.

Today I got this Tweet sent to me by this creepy Bearing fan:

These people are seriously insane. They are not just happy lying about someone in face of evidence, or running someone off YouTube. They MUST find out everything they can about you. How creepy, and mentally unstable is that? I mean, think about it - they are this dedicated to trying to find out anything they can about someone they don't even know, and who has no influence on their lives what so ever, just to "rek" them? For the LULZ? To show everyone that they are Magnum P.I.? It's totally insane, and people tell me that threats on the internet shouldn't be taken seriously? That they are just "words"? Just look at this creep. He is totally invested in this. And then people say that I, or others, shouldn't be a little freaked out over these types of insane people? Ya, no. That behavior is not normal, and these people are truly creepy and unstable.

So next time you tell someone to STFU about online threats or abuse, remember, this is the kind of mental case you could be dealing with. And that IS cause for concern.