Autistic Screeching is Not a Funny Meme

I'm sure many of you have heard the term "autistic screeching"and "Reeeee" used as an insult or "joke" online. It's become a popular meme among internet trolls.

Many Anti-SJW/Feminists use the meme in an attempt to insult or mock people they don't like. It's considered "funny" and perfectly acceptable to use in order to debase their "opponent".

While I have no problem with people saying what ever they like, I think this meme/insult is one of the worst because, not only does it target a specific group as the butt of a "joke", that specific group is primarily made up of young children who suffer from autism. More specifically it targets those children that have what is called "sensory processing disorders", and who have a very difficult, if not almost impossible, time dealing with "sensory overload". 

Many of these children are overwhelmed by things like sounds, smells, textures, lights, etc... Their brains cannot process all of the incoming stimuli as you or I normally would, and they end up having "meltdowns" as a result. A lot of these children are also non-verbal, and so they are even less equipped to cope, as they cannot communicate what it is that is overloading them in a direct and concise way.

Parents of autistic children who suffer from this can tell you that it is definitely not funny or humorous. Go on any autism parenting board and you'll see thread after thread of parents desperately trying to find solutions to help their children cope with sensory overloads and meltdowns. You'll read heartbreaking stories of parents feeling like they are useless, helpless, and failures. You'll read stories of exhausted parents, at the end of their ropes because their child screams all day, every day, because everything overloads their senses. Parents who have broken down in tears over feeling absolutely helpless and wanting nothing more than to help their child, but can't.

Some people have even been evicted from their apartments because their child would not stop screaming and the neighbors complained.

Using "autistic screeching" as an insult or joke means you see the pain and suffering of these kids as something to laugh about. Their sensory overload "hurts" them, which is why they scream and throw tantrums. You are using that pain, the pain of a CHILD, to mock and degrade others, and in the process you are mocking and degrading those very children.

If you want to use "autistic screeching" as an insult or joke, fine. You can use what ever words you like, even after being informed as to why using it is disgusting. Free speech means you can say what ever shitty thing you like. It also means I, or others, don't have to like it and that we can call you out for being the autistic child mocking piece of shit you are.

At the end of the day, there are plenty of other insults you can choose to use. Choosing this one over all others says more about you and your character than the person you are trying to insult.


Jack said…
I was diagnosed with autism(more specifically, Aspergers Syndrome) in the 3rd grade, following an incident similar to this in an extremely loud restaurant. Since then, through therapy and a little medication, I've gotten past that and can control myself/prevent outbursts, and by all accounts, appear 'normal'. My case is not always the case though, as I have a much milder version than most.

It really upsets me personally to see this meme going around, as I've suffered through actually having outbursts like these and know it's not something that is easily controlled- I still get extremely uncomfortable with vibrations or loud noises, and though I can hide it/prevent it from being disruptive, I stil feel extremely uneasy, queasy, and the desire to get away from that shit asap, even at the age of 18.
Jessical Alba said…
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Aqua Hedgehog said…
autistic screeching about autistic screeching

did i secretly enter inception land?